Shearer's Foods

Shearer's Foods Job Openings in Akron, OH

Job Title Posted By Location Posted On
NEW Brewster Outlet Store AssistantShearer's FoodsMassillon, OH9/26/2016
NEW Corporate/ Commodity ManagerShearer's FoodsMassillon, OH9/21/2016
NEW Corporate/ Supply Planning ManagerShearer's FoodsMassillon, OH9/21/2016
Corporate/ Director Quality SystemsShearer's FoodsMassillon, OH9/18/2016
Corporate/ Associate Commercialization Manager, ReShearer's FoodsMassillon, OH9/18/2016
Brewster Maintenance Technician- AFTERNOON SHIFTShearer's FoodsMassillon, OH9/17/2016
Brewster Packaging Associates- MIDNIGHT SHIFTShearer's FoodsMassillon, OH9/17/2016
Brewster Processing Associates- Midnight and AfterShearer's FoodsMassillon, OH9/17/2016
Massillon/ Millennium Maintenance TechniciansShearer's FoodsMassillon, OH9/17/2016
Massillon/ Millennium Packaging Associates- MidnigShearer's FoodsMassillon, OH9/17/2016
Brewster Packaging Associates- AFTERNOON SHIFTShearer's FoodsMassillon, OH9/17/2016
Corporate/ Director, Innovation & Product DevelopmShearer's FoodsMassillon, OH9/17/2016
Corporate/ HRIS-Benefits ManagerShearer's FoodsMassillon, OH9/17/2016
Massillon/ Millennium Processing Associates- 7pm-7Shearer's FoodsMassillon, OH9/14/2016
Corporate/ Systems AdministratorShearer's FoodsMassillon, OH9/13/2016
Corporate/ Facilities ManagerShearer's FoodsMassillon, OH9/13/2016
Massillon/ Millennium Plant Warehouse SupervisorShearer's FoodsMassillon, OH9/13/2016
Massillon/ Millennium Maintenance SupervisorShearer's FoodsMassillon, OH9/13/2016
Massillon/ Millennium Quality Assurance TechnicianShearer's FoodsMassillon, OH9/12/2016
Corporate/ Data Synchronization Quality ManagerShearer's FoodsMassillon, OH9/10/2016
Brewster Water Resources OperatorShearer's FoodsMassillon, OH9/9/2016
NAVARRE Class A CDL Shuttle Driver; Midnight and AShearer's FoodsMassillon, OH9/8/2016
NAVARRE Class A CDL Shuttle Driver- PART TIMEShearer's FoodsMassillon, OH9/8/2016
NAVARRE Warehouse Loader- MIDNIGHT and AFTERNOON SShearer's FoodsMassillon, OH9/7/2016
NAVARRE Warehouse Reach Truck OperatorShearer's FoodsMassillon, OH9/7/2016
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