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Job Opportunity at Mancan

Posted on Feb 9

Location: Macedonia, OH
Job Type: Full Time
Job ID: W4152350

A Macedonia company is seeking a full time Molding Technician.
1st shift 7am-3pm

This is a temp to hire position.
Pay is DOE
Duties may include:
Measure and visually inspect products for surface and dimension defects to ensure conformance to specifications, using precision measuring instruments.
Observe continuous operation of automatic machines to ensure that products meet specifications and to detect jams or malfunctions, making adjustments as necessary.
Set up, operate, or tend metal or plastic molding, casting, or coremaking machines to mold or cast metal or thermoplastic parts or products.
Turn valves and dials of machines to regulate pressure, temperature, and speed and feed rates, and to set cycle times.
Read specifications, blueprints, and work orders to determine setups, temperatures, and time settings required to mold, form, or cast plastic materials, as well as to plan production sequences.
Observe meters and gauges to verify and record temperatures, pressures, and press-cycle times.
Connect water hoses to cooling systems of dies, using hand tools.
Remove parts, such as dies, from machines after production runs are finished.
Perform maintenance work such as cleaning and oiling machines.
Smooth and clean inner surfaces of molds, using brushes, scrapers, air hoses, or grinding wheels, and fill imperfections with refractory material.
Operate hoists to position dies or patterns on foundry floors.
Cool products after processing to prevent distortion.
Install dies onto machines or presses and coat dies with parting agents, according to work order specifications.
Unload finished products from conveyor belts, pack them in containers, and place containers in warehouses.
Remove finished or cured products from dies or molds, using hand tools, air hoses, and other equipment, stamping identifying information on products when necessary.
Obtain and move specified patterns to work stations, manually or using hoists, and secure patterns to machines, using wrenches.
Select and install blades, tools, or other attachments for each operation.
Repair or replace damaged molds, pipes, belts, chains, or other equipment, using hand tools, hand-powered presses, or jib cranes.
Inventory and record quantities of materials and finished products, requisitioning additional supplies as necessary.
Select coolants and lubricants, and start their flow.
Adjust equipment and workpiece holding fixtures, such as mold frames, tubs, and cutting tables, to ensure proper functioning.
Maintain inventories of materials.
Position and secure workpieces on machines, and start feeding mechanisms.
Trim excess material from parts, using knives, and grind scrap plastic into powder for reuse.
Mix and measure compounds, or weigh premixed compounds, and dump them into machine tubs, cavities, or molds.
Spray, smoke, or coat molds with compounds to lubricate or insulate molds, using acetylene torches or sprayers.
Preheat tools, dies, plastic materials, or patterns, using blowtorches or other equipment.
Pour or load metal or sand into melting pots, furnaces, molds, or hoppers, using shovels, ladles, or machines.
Clamp metal and plywood strips around dies or patterns to form molds.
Pull level and toggle latches to fill molds, to regulate tension on sheeting, and to release mold covers.
Basic computer skills required. CAM software experience is preferred.
Must have mathematical and mechanical knowledge.
A pre employment drug screen is required.
Mancan has jobs available in Northfield, Twinsburg, Macedonia, Streetsboro, Aurora, Bedford, Maple Heights, Solon and Cleveland.
Apply online at www.mancan.com  or we take applications Mon through Friday 8a-4pm.
Please bring 2 forms of government ID and resume with you.
Mancan Temporary Staffing Employment Agency is located at 500 W Aurora Rd Ste 130 Northfield, OH 44067.
Please call us at 330-467-9675 with any questions.
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